Tired of buying the same old Christmas gifts? With the holiday season fast approaching, DeGem brings back its annual Holiday Cheer campaign this year.

With the launch of its Timeless Sparkles diamond jewellery collection for a glittering holiday season for Christmas, this special collection draws inspiration from the beauty of the glistening snowflakes, represented by the amazing brilliance and scintillation of diamonds.


DeGem ‘Let It Snow’ Diamond Pendant.

This collection sees the combination of fancy cut diamonds to form different shapes of snowflakes. The pendants consist of round brilliant diamonds as well as marquise and baguette stones, where each of the diamond facet dances with the light that results in gleaming sparkles.

DeGem Snowflake Diamond Pinwheel Necklace.


DeGem Classic Diamond Pinwheel Necklace.

The other two necklaces come with a unique mechanism that allows the diamonds to spin – just like a pinwheel. With endless sparkles from DeGem, immerse yourself this Christmas, in the sophisticated winter wonderland.

Other affordable diamond fashion jewellery range by DeGem includes the Topaz Snowflake Necklace under the Soleluna Astra collection extension.

Priced from RM1,500, this collection extension introduces a range of ultra-minimalistic jewellery pieces featuring natural diamonds and sky-blue topaz.


Soleluna ASTRA Topaz Snowflake Necklace.

Resembling sparkling icicles, the necklaces make a perfect Christmas gift.

The sky-blue topaz is a unique gemstone that will surely dazzle the eyes of your loved ones. As the gemstone is also the birthstone for the month of December, this makes it even more special if you are presenting this as a birthday gift.

To top it off, you might also get exclusive gifts with your purchases. Some of the gifts include a limited edition shimmer glass plate when you spend a minimum of RM5,000 and above and a festive bauble pendant when you spend RM15,000 and above from now to Dec 31.


GWP Tier 2 DeGem festive bauble pendant worth RM1,500.


GWP Tier 3 DeGem festive bauble pendant worth RM3,000.

DeGem’s new Timeless Sparkles collection and Soleluna ASTRA collection extension are available at all DeGem boutiques this month.

Alternatively, you can also ease your holiday shopping hassles by checking out the beautifully crafted pieces from DeGem’s e-store at degemdiamond.com/estore.