Do you avoid wearing SPF skincare simply because they are usually sticky and totally uncomfortable on your skin? Then meet Supergoop!, the US-based beauty brand that offers a skincare-meets-suncare range.

Supergoop!, which is exclusively available in Sephora, is perfect for our Malaysian humid weather.

When a close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer, Holly Thaggard wanted to learn everything there was to know about sun exposure. She quickly discovered that very few people knew how damaging it actually was.

She also learned that sun damage starts as early as childhood, and, as a mother and a teacher, she immediately thought of her own kiddos and her students outside on the playground without a trace of SPF.

So she set out to create Supergoop!, an SPF formula that people would actually want to wear. A formula that felt so good, and was so good for you that even kiddos would want to wear it.

The range includes the 100% Mineral Matte Screen SPF40, Everyday Sunscreen SPF50, Mineral Sunscreen SPF40, Unseen Sunscreen SPF40, Acai Fusion Lip Balm SPF30, Invincible Setting Powder SPF45 and Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF50.


The Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF45 lets you apply SPF through an easy powder brush applicator.

Supergoop!’s products are created with the cleanest ingredients and while they offer the regular sunscreen products, they also offer SPF products that are meant for those who wear makeup.

The Invincible Setting Powder SPF45 lets you apply sunscreen over your makeup, while the 100% Mineral Matte Screen can be used as a makeup-gripping primer when you want more coverage.

The 100% Mineral Matte Screen contains argan oil that easily absorbs into skin to moisturise without feeling greasy, plus White Mulberry Root, which helps brighten and improve the look of uneven skin tones. What’s unusual about this sunscreen is its Butterfly Bush extract that also helps protect against Blue Light that is emitted from electronic devices like your smartphone or computer!