Malaysian jeweller Behati, whose merchandise offerings include an extensive selection of brooches, recently released its latest Bugs collection at a sponsored art event.

A collaboration with two Malaysian fashion designers, Hatta Dolmat and Kittie Yiyi, saw the release of special edition brooch designs that represent their labels’ “spirit animals”.

The beetle creation by Hatta comes in two very beautiful colour variations – one plated in matte gold with crystals, and the other, full gun metal for an absolutely edgy look.


Kittie Yiyi.

He is joined by Kittie, who used the bee icon from her 2014 debut collection. The embroidered yarn patches originally seen on her fabrics, is now available as a jewellery piece.

This is in addition to 15 independent photographers and artists who were invited to exhibit their own perspective of Behati brooches. The event benefited Pusat Kanak-Kanak Kreatif Tuanku Bainun.

They include Dhanni Illiani, Azim Mahayudin, Bibo Aswan, Carlos Khu, Daniel Adams, Eric J Loo, Raeburn Ng, Raisa Azzam, Nadirah Zakariya, Pitt Ab Rahaman, TTFGA and more.

Behati’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection focuses on the same theme. There are a variety of butterfly brooches representing species such as Swallowtails, Skippers and Lycaenidae – in addition to the beetle, ant and dragonfly.