To embody the spirit of innovation, Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has chosen to work with talented artistes whose personality express a constant quest for excellence, openness and creativity.

Paving the way is Benjamin Clementine, considered to be one of the most talented musicians of his generation. The man is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, a contemporary poet and an outstanding vocalist.

Clementine is accompanied by fellow performer James Bay, who has opted to explore new musical territories and to reinvent himself with a daring and sophisticated second album mingling rock and soul sounds.

Cory Richards, on the other hand, is a seasoned photographer and an intrepid explorer. He has climbed Mount Everest without oxygen, as well as travel the world to capture the most beautiful images.

In the case of multidisciplinary designer Ora Ito, it is his talent at balancing between mechanical excellence and aesthetic sobriety that shines through. He represents the expression of boundless creativity.

According to Vacheron Constantin’s chief marketing officer Laurent Perves, the worlds in which these talents are active – music, design, exploration and photography – are legitimate and relevant territories.

“What is most important in their work and in ours is transcending objects in order to generate emotion. These human and artistic encounters are undeniably in line with those that have punctuated the history of the maison since 1755.”

The campaign images offer a backstage view of the art and savoir-faire of these talents. From one visual to another, the human hand leaves its unique imprint – adjusting proportions, controlling focus or tuning an instrument.