No matter where you are travelling to, it is important to enjoy yourself. The luggage that you bring can set the mood – and should be an extension of your persona.

Tumi’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collections fit this exact need. They comprise a range of sleek and beautiful designs, which will surely match any style.

As explained by creative director Victor Sanz, Tumi sees travel as a standard in both business and life. He says the brand’s products merge functionality and aesthetic.

“We challenge ourselves to add to the features that make the journey even more pleasurable. One of the key elements that we continue to push ourselves on is creating designs that are season-less,” he states.

“The most important part of it is to truly understand the user and their needs, as well as have the foresight to develop products that meet their continuously evolving travels.”


Victor Sanz sees travel as a standard in both business and life.

Sanz points out that he is really excited about the latest women’s collections from Tumi, Georgica and Mezzanine, which feature fashion-forward and style-driven designs.

“The new colourways and patterns in the 19 Degree Aluminum collection too. I’m also really into our new travel collection, Merge, which features enhanced functionality and is geared towards adventure and the getaway,” he adds.

Tumi’s inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2018 comes from Scandinavia. In this, it is focusing on and delving deeper into the relationship between the technical and the handcrafted.

With a new take on camouflage, classic florals modernised with shifting contrasts and reflective pops, and subtle texture play, the season presents new dimensions added to classic fabrics and styles.

“Our team is always inspired by new destinations, some physical and some theoretical. We’re inspired by more than just the place, but what it represents and the different layers it has within its culture – from music to art, architecture and food.”

Tumi’s customers are equally as diverse. According to Sanz, they include the everyday traveller or commuter, as well as CEOs, artists and DJs, who have their own unique needs.

“We strive to offer products that meet their needs – from exceptionally lightweight cases such as Latitude, to collections such as 19 Degree, which are functionally and aesthetically superior, to Merge, geared towards adventure and the getaway.”

The Tumi Scandinavian Lodge was recently unveiled in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, when it offered a taste of the season’s inspiration.

Part showroom, part discovery experience, it welcomed visitors to explore the latest collections.

Setting a stage for the women’s collection, the installation brought to life the best elements of Scandinavian home decor. The men’s collection was highlighted in a cabin, a stylish oasis of masculine calm of sorts.


The Tumi Scandinavian Lodge in Pavilion KL brought to life the season’s inspiration.