The realisation that a luxury watch is a good investment is something more and more people are clearly becoming aware of in this day and age.

It’s hard to get away from it. Time matters and the watch you wear matters, especially as you climb up the ladder in life.

Buying your first luxury watch can be considered an achievement and a sign that you are becoming successful in your own right. Buying your second, third and following ones is an obvious sign that you have arrived.

However, do give careful consideration whenever you make the decision to buy. With so many brands and styles to choose from, you might get a bit overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect high-end timepieces.

It is important to know what you want. Follow your heart to an extent but don’t forget to use your head too when making a choice. A timepiece can be something very personal and it’s something you will have for years and may even pass on to your children or grandchildren.

So do think of all the factors involved carefully.

Spending power

With a high-end purchase, it’s best to know your spending power and how much you are willing to part with. This makes it easier to narrow down to what you want. For instance, if you want to spend below RM50,000, then you could look at the models in this range in the market.

You might also want to ask around a bit, read some timepiece magazines and visit some watch boutiques before making a choice.

When your budget is even higher, then go for the best that suits your personal preferences. You might want to carefully read about which watches always go up in value in the following years, after purchase. You may also want to find out exactly what are the extras you will be getting. Maybe you want a tourbillon or a minute repeater. A limited edition watch is often a smart choice.

The right fit

Never compromise on the right fit for you. No matter how attractive the design, if it doesn’t quite fit, the overall effect will not be what you want. Getting the strap size right is crucial. It should fit snugly allowing your watch to stay put. Make sure it’s not too tight and leaves a mark when you take it off. An uncomfortable watch is not what you want to pay for, especially when the price is high.

Also, think about the watch face in relation to your wrist. You might want to follow the trend when for instance, large dials are in fashion but do always try it on to make sure it looks good too, when you’re wearing it! It is worth trying on a few different timepieces to find one that you like best. Maybe bring a friend or your spouse along for a second opinion when making your choice.


Your lifestyle dictates the watch you should choose to a certain extent. Try to think about when, where and how often you will be wearing it.

Do you want an everyday timepiece, or something you will only wear on special occasions? Will you want to wear it when you go diving or motor sports racing? Choose the kind of materials that are suitable and yet increase the aesthetic appeal of the watch. For special occasions, you can choose a more dressy or exquisite design that people will notice.


When choosing luxury timepieces, you cannot run away from the fact that brand names have great significance. Different brands are respected for different designs, innovations and in-house movements. Pick a brand whose creations are a reflection of your own innate style and personality. It’s going to be really worth your time researching a few different names and getting to know the history behind them.

Essentially, opt for a brand that has a reputation for quality but you can also relate to on a personal level.


A watch’s features are supremely important. In today’s scenario, a luxury watch does so much more than just tell time. There are countless options when it comes to functional extras and innovative details. The idea is to check out the full technical specification of a watch before you go ahead and buy it.

OVERHEARD: I never thought it would happen but nowadays I find myself surreptitiously looking at the watch a man or even a woman wears! You may say that I shouldn’t but I cannot help it. With the many wannabes and people trying to climb up society scene pushing their way into events and parties, I’ve found that from the watches they wear, you can sort of tell if they are the real deal or not. Clothes may be important, but then it’s something in your face, and most of the people desperate to impress will choose items that won’t exactly give them away. The little details are what count. Maybe it’s the way they talk, whether they are generally kind and polite, how they carry themselves … but when it comes to judging by something material, my opinion is that the watch they wear says a lot. — Anonymous