With a touch of grunge and heavy hints of romanticism, Braun Buffel revives the allure of the 1970s. This is seen in the Autumn/Winter 2018 accessories, which reimagine the great, good and glamourous disco and pop art era.

Designs from the German maker of leather goods take their cue from underground culture and its icons – particularly of legendary New York nightclub Studio 54, world famous in its heyday.

According to Braun Buffel’s creative director Fabio Panzeri, this second collection of his represents innovation. It symbolises a move forward for him as a designer and the brand.

“Getting out of your comfort zone is of course difficult, but you still have to challenge yourself. No one can just stay in one spot all the time. Life does not work that way,” he explains in an interview with Star2 in Singapore during the presentation.

Braun Buffel

Fabio Panzeri believes in innovation when it comes to his designs.

Panzeri joined Braun Buffel earlier this year. He has worked with notable labels such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein in the past, and is lauded for bringing a sense of “the new and cool” to the brand he currently serves.

His designs this time around are inspired by the magnetising allure of music and the nightlife it revolves around, featuring a luxurious and sophisticated colour palette. This includes deep shades and kaleidoscopic hues.

Accents take their cue from the pop art works of renowned artist Andy Warhol. Juxtaposed against an irrefutably sleek and edgy aesthetic, they provide an optimistic yet youthful energy.

“Personally, music is a very big inspiration for me. And what better way to represent the 70s than the lifestyle its music has brought about. It’s the same thing for the art of the era,” notes Panzeri.

“Pop art represents a revolution. One that is well loved even today. When you talk about Andy Warhol, everyone knows and recognises his name. He’s an icon and that is what we want our designs to be as well.”

That 70s Style

A contrasting narrative of opulent evening glamour paired with minimalist silhouettes sets the creative canvas for the ladies’ collection. This season, the Braun Buffel woman appears as elegant and refined, yet strong.

But there is a deeper meaning to the designs. The image of confident femininity for example, pays homage to the defining social movements for gender equality of the 70s in New York.

More than that, weave details, contrasting stitching and studded ornamentation play on the idea of retro chic style – revisiting an era of bewitching audacity and self-expression.

The collection for guys draws from the urban street culture of the same era and place. It highlights the birth of an underground avant-garde creative utopia, where no rules are said to exist.

Think graffiti artists and musicians who champion eclectic dynamism, as well as the intensifying hip-hop cultural phenomenon. Metropolitan-focused shapes interwoven with distinguishing details underscore the carefree spirit.

The Autumn/Winter 2018 Braun Buffel man is not just sleek, modern and carefree, he also loves to travel and knows how to have fun. Or as the brand puts it, “an embodiment of youthful energy”.

A Whimsical Quality

“I threw myself totally into the collection. It’s fun, it’s raw, it’s edgy. It also has a sense of optimism to it when you consider the youthful feel of the pieces. So yes, I can see myself in this season’s designs,” Panzeri states.

“That said, the bags are not just about functionality. There are elements of a surprise to them. The lightness, the metallic materials and details. These all add up to offer something extra to those who love fashion.”

The whimsical adventures of the brand’s signature characters Buffy and Bully go through a spellbinding imaginative time-warp as well. They take the form of eccentric design motifs.

Paying homage to Vogue model and “it girl” Edie Segwick, Warhol’s most famous muse, the ladies Buffy-P bag is crafted with studded embellishments and comes with quirky details.

The Bully-P design for men showcases key traits of the artist with a platinum blonde hairdo and 60s-inspired sunglasses. Just perfect for the maverick gentleman who is looking for flamboyant and elaborate accessories.

Braun Buffel has also updated its Kelis-C capsule collection. It now comes balanced with rocker-inspired geometric details together with the feminine glamour of beads that exude elegance.