This Autumn/Winter 2018, makeup palettes play on various textures to help you achieve the look you want from matte and satin to shiny.

The eyes shine brighter than before, while lips are demure or bold and skin is matte or luminous.

Textures are big this season, with eye, face and lip palettes becoming more varied in its offerings, so expect matte, satin or shiny in one palette to appease even the most demanding makeup lover.

At Dior Makeup. the palettes for eye, face and lip can be applied alone or together in one swipe. The newest collection inspired by the backstage of runway shows, offers women an ultra easy to use palette that is based on earthy tones in different finishes. This allows you to wear matte in the morning and then transform into a more shimmery look later in the evening.

“I wanted technical products that were anything but intimidating. These are easy shades and all the colours in the palettes can be combined, adapting to and enhancing every woman, regardless of skin tone. In each case, the shades are arranged from the softest to the strongest and each product’s functions are explained in the packaging,” says Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior Makeup.

Autumn/Winter 2018 makeup

Using the MAC Chromagraphic Pencil to create the modern day punk “black eye” makeup at Antonio Marras in Paris. Photo: MAC

Over at MAC, one of the key looks for eyes tell us about new contexts and concepts in rebooting the black eye makeup.

“It’s about the perfected execution of a shape that would traditionally be broken down or a classic 50s kitten-eye broken with gloss,” explains Lyne Desnoyers, executive director of MAC Makeup Artistry, of new ways to challenge “black eye” makeup standards.

“It’s severe, yet still quite effortless,” adds Terry Barber, director of MAC Makeup Artistry, citing a DIY finish as the detail to give sharp liner character this season.

Indeed, DIY leanings prompted talk of “punk,” yet it’s a spirit of self-styled non conformism that artists are nodding towards, not literal punk. “When we speak about makeup as punky or grungy we are talking about the mannerisms and technique, not the result,” Barber clarifies.

At Chanel, Lucia Pica considers texture for the brand’s Autumn/Winter collection, tapping the emotional depth and visual intensity offered by matte surfaces in the selection of eye and lip colours in Apotheosis, Le Mat de Chanel. Pica says the matteness evokes a uniquely feminine sensibility and the harmony between a woman’s internal and external worlds is captured in a colour palette that brings earthy, autumnal shades for sculpting together with emotive colour tones to be applied in washes or layered like vibrant oils.

Meanwhile, South Korean beauty brands are focused on helping you achieve the most luscious pair of lips this season, with a play on textures and tones.

In its effort to create the perfect gradient lips, Laneige’ lip tints have become all the rage in the beauty world. The hallmark of the lip tint is the result of a brighter colour on the inside and fades lighter to the edge of the lips, imparting a more natural look than lipstick while still giving lips a juicy look and long-lasting colour. The brand’s new formula in its tint balm combines a fresh texture for added hydration and comfort from long hours of wearing lip tints.

Looking for a lipstick colour to match the 2018 Autumn/Winter runways? Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Collection have colours that will suit any season or occasion and ensures that you will always stay trendy no matter what season you are in.

To choose your lip colour, Mamonde recommends identifying your skin undertone whether you have yellow or pink undertones and then decide on the textures of the lipstick you prefer to nail the look that is all you.

If you haven’t had a clue of your skin’s undertone, Mamonde recommends a quick way to identify it by looking at the veins on your wrist. Blue veins often mean that you have got pink undertones. Contrarily, if you find your veins appear to be green, then you have got a warm yellow undertone.

Whatever your undertones, with such versatile palettes of colours there is a texture and colour that will be perfect for your skintone and the look that you want to achieve this season.