British-based footwear brand Clarks has now unveiled a kids range based on The Avengers. The collection is said to capture the spirit of each superhero, and at the same time, provide kids with liberated movement.

“Like every kid on the planet, the Avengers all have very different and distinct identities. When they join forces, their strengths combine and they become Earth’s mightiest team of heroes,” reads a statement from the brand.

Each design takes after the different member of the superhero group. The Iron Man design for example, comes with gold detail, red suedes and exclusive patterned materials.

While Captain America’s reflects his identity through vibrant blue and red leathers, the Hulk’s and Black Widow’s sport their iconic colours of green and black respectively.

“Kids have the power to change the world. They are the purest minds on the planet, and we – Clarks – are inspired by how they live their lives,” explains the chief brand officer of Clarks, Jason Beckley.

Beckley further adds: “In our view, they are all superheroes. So, what better way to celebrate that than joining forces with Marvel. We follow science and data to support the tradition of putting growing feet in safe hands.

“Combine that with collaborated passion, imagination and expertise, and you get an innovative footwear collection that provides kids with the freedom to be their true selves.”