Dr Buds Organics, a Malaysian treatment-focused remedy for troubled skin, is here to give you solutions to acne, eczema and hair loss.

What do those problems have in common, you ask? Aside from being some of the most prevalent skin issues faced today, they are all aggravated by the conventional chemical solutions available on shelves – even those that are advertised to help.

Born out of Soo Kian Kheng’s love for his children who suffered from eczema during their baby years and failing to find products that were good enough, Soo co-founded Buds Organics in 2003 with Soo Siew Peng.

He decided to put his training and experience as a chemist in creating safe personal care products, so Buds Organics use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Dr Buds Organics

The brand was born out of the founder’s love for his children who suffered from eczema.

“As a teenager, my suffering with acne was further frustrated by the lack of visible improvement no matter what I tried. The vicious comments about my skin from my schoolmates made me feel depressed and withdraw socially. The fatherly protective instinct within me resulted in the creation of Dr Buds Organics,” Soo says in a press statement.

Dr Buds Organics – available at the brand’s website, Guardian and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur – uses Ecocert certified organic ingredients in its four ranges to treat specific skin conditions: Easy-Clear for eczema, Acne Rescue for acne, Hair Loss Rescue for hair loss and Dandruff Rescue for dandruff.

Ingredients used include anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil, anti-inflammatory liquorice extract, soothing and hydrating aloe vera and fructan, and prebiotics to promote growth of good bacteria.

Buds Organics now houses a wide variety of brands which cater to all ages including Buds Baby, Buds for Kids, Dr Buds Organics, Esmeria, and Buddies, an organic pet care range.

Dr Buds Organics

Ecocert certified organic ingredients in its four ranges to treat specific skin conditions.