Ray-Ban Wings is back, and this time – in gold. Polishing up the daring look of an icon from the 1980s, this limited 500-piece edition is something you would not want to miss.

Although first developed in 1937 for pilots, Ray-Ban aviators quickly became a favourite among rock stars.

It was the quintessential accessory to show off some attitude in the face of glaring spotlights.

Flashing an extravagant 24 carat gold-plated lens and original engraved lens logo, the exclusive edition Golden Wings is exactly what it says it is: high-value, one-of-a-kind status.

Framing the fearless attitude of high-profile players, a flat metal top bridge and temples, and super light single-piece nosepad literally hold the gold-plated shield lens for light, dynamic style.

Available on Ray-Ban.com and through select distribution channels, this super limited edition features a dedicated box and authenticity card for exclusive one-in-five-hundred status.


Ray-Ban Wings feature a single, 24-carat, gold-plated lens.