Are you tired of having to visit your hairdresser every few weeks just to trim your bangs or hair length? Then the CreaClip set is for you. It lets you trim your own bangs or hair length and saves you money on salon visits.

Aside from saving money from hairdressing visits and the inconvenience of driving to your hair salon, the CreaClip lets you cut your own hair and your family member’s hair easily.

Mai Lieu – an award winning American celebrity stylist with 20 years of experience in the beauty industry – is the inventor of the original CreaClip and founder of CreaProducts Inc. She has been featured on ABC’s Show Shark Tank, HSN, and the Rachael Ray show!


The CreaClip set comes with 2 CreaClips and a pair of scissors.

The original CreaClip set is an innovating haircutting tool that’s great for cutting your own hair, children’s hair, trimming bangs, creating layers or just maintaining a hairstyle between haircuts.

The set includes access to CreaProducts Private Facebook Group for product support and techniques, one small blue clip for bangs, one large white clip for long hair and layers, and instructional videos online.

It has been designed for all types of hair, so you can cut your hair at home and basically be your own stylist. The CreaClip has been created for ease of use where you just clip, slide and cut, and it comes with a rotating level for balance and precision. Salon visits can be costly and not everyone can afford a salon service regularly so this beauty tool lets you groom your own and your children’s hair easily!