Being a fashion blogger and staying ahead of trends – or just keeping up with them – is as daunting as any design or runway project.

So, we asked Malaysian fashionista Heidi Nazarudin, who is based in Santa Monica, California and who’s made a social media name for herself with, to answer questions from up-and-coming style and beauty bloggers about making their own brand pop!

Heidi has over 700,000 followers from her website and digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She launched her blog in 2013 and posts on fashion for working women. She also runs a digital agency focusing on branding, website design, influencer marketing and social media management.

In this video, reporter Nadine Fernandez asks her why she chose Los Angeles over New York, the best place to shop in California, and how she deals with cyber-bullying. Heidi also shares plenty of tips and professional advice on how to turn your blog into a successful business.

Questions for The Ambitionista were submitted by Bei Yan from (also on Instagram), YouTube vlogger Dash from DaintyDashBeauty, and New Zealand-based Malaysian blogger Aki from (also on Instagram), among others.

This video is directed and produced by Ian Lau and Lennard Gui for FCX (Features Central Exclusive).