Want to smell nice but don’t fancy a heavy fragrance or cologne? Men can now choose body sprays instead of heavier scented products.

Body sprays have a delightful way of letting men feel energised like they’ve just gotten out of the shower.

A body spray is also for the considerate guy who may not want to enter a room and have his eau de parfum or cologne overwhelm his friends or colleagues, but at the same time wants to smell a little bit more pleasant.

Applying a body spray instead of a full on eau de parfum will help men smell a little fresher and do away with any worries of body odour.

Some of these body sprays are called deodorising products and can be sprayed all over the body for a fast cover up.

It’s useful when guys just want a quick run to the supermarket, a cup of coffee with friends or just need to smell better after a workout.

To help your body spray last longer, they work just like fragrances which you can layer on after using the body wash and applying the body lotion from the same scent range of products.

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men All Over Body Spray

This is a lighter version of your favourite scent, Eternity for Men. It’s the perfect way to refresh and re-energise yourself throughout the day.

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Bath And Body Works Signature Collection for Men Ocean Deodorizing Body Spray

Dive into crystal clear blue waters with an invigorating blend of blue cypress, vetiver and coastal air for an unforgettable, masculine scent.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Black Deodorant Body Spray

This modern, daring fragrance is a bold fusion of iced mango, silver armoise, and patchouli noir.

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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather All Over Body Spray

This primal scent offers an invigorating all over body spray and is also lightly scented and a way to experience the brand’s private blend collection.

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Jack Black All-Over Body Spray

Fresh citrus combines with fresh herbal notes of mint and rosemary to create an invigorating scent after a shower, or as a lightweight fragrance.

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