By Meriem Arif

Reebok continues to be one of the major players in the footwear and apparel industry and this year they are teaming up with K-Pop band Wanna One for their Autumn/Winter Classic X collection.

Having formerly worked with many inspiring individuals and A-List celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Gal Gadot, fans of the brand will surely be thrilled at this latest collaboration.

The popular band, formerly assembled through the second season of South Korean television show Produce 101 back in 2017, rose to stardom with their debut album 1X1=1 (To Be One) and now join hands with Reebok as their Asia market brand ambassador.

This kicks off with an exciting campaign video and a photo release. Various other campaigns will then be further unveiled under the concept of a “Wanna One’s Pick”.

In a press statement, Reebok says that it is very excited to work with the band and anticipates a great result from the partnership. “We look forward to seeing a synergy from the bright, positive energy that Wanna One has and the unique style of Reebok Classic.”

Wanna One are just as delighted with the collaboration. With their recently released hit come back song Light that features the band’s energy and undeniable charismatic presence, they are now on a world tour with the aim to expand their horizon beyond the K-pop industry and charm a more global audience.

Through the Reebok Classic upcoming promotional campaign, they wish to live up to their title as a “national idol group”, and match the incredible welcome and support that they have been given with an array of anticipated events and activities.