The Latitude is Tumi’s new hard-shell solution to freedom of travel. Its unique construction allows it to perform in any environment, no matter the landscape or climate.

Crafted from ultra-durable yet lightweight “Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene” material, the luggage is said to provide a unique blend of performance and style for intrepid travellers.

“With each new collection, Tumi strives to provide our customers with top-of-the-line performance, design and style,” explains the brand’s creative director, Victor Sanz.

“With Latitude, we wanted to create a collection that offers the best of the best in terms of innovation and aesthetics, which pushed us to improve weight, function, durability, organisation and more.”


Latitude is offered in a range of carry-on and check-in sizes.

Inside of the Latitude shells are reinforcement rods to provide extra support and rigidity, as well as to keep the interior lining in place and maintain a sleek, tailored look.

Additionally, a newly engineered wheel system has been designed to meet Tumi’s rigorous testing standards. These outboard dual lightweight wheels are crafted with a wide inner-spoke system.

The lower centre of gravity allows for a stable multi-directional navigation. The wheels are also housed in a rigid framing for extra protection and years of use.