Feeling a little drained and in need of an uplifting boost? Then just reach for facial sprays or facial mists.

Facial sprays are the best pick-me-up beauty products that come in a mini size for portability and larger size for home use. They are also easy to use, even without a mirror.

Just press and spritz! It can be used by anyone, and “even on your favourite pooch to cool him or her down on a hot day”, according to Evian Facial Spray US.

Are they necessary? Yes, if you want to feel refreshed, ensure your makeup lasts a wee bit longer into the night, or have that something extra to perk you up during a long hot day.

Whether you’re frolicking on the beach in Langkawi or running from one appointment to another, the facial spray can be relied on as a mood and skin saver.

Facial sprays are not just plain water spraying products, they come with various ingredients and formulations. Some function to refresh and hydrate your skin while others offer longer staying power for your makeup.

Some facial sprays are multi-purpose and can be used for the body and to moisturise or re-shape your hair. For two-way powder foundations you can also spritz the facial spray into the foundation puff to apply it as a wet foundation. For a more intense eyeshadow texture, some eyeshadows can also be used wet so the facial spray comes in handy.

There are a variety of facial sprays in the market, from luxury level ones that include all the scents and goodies from nature, to affordable ones that do decently well minus the pricey extras.

Sure, we love that unusual herb that only grows in Siberia and claims to offer incredible hydration but not everyone has an unlimited beauty budget, so we looked at facial sprays that are easily available.

To help you keep a bottle handy at your workplace and in your bag so you can spritz anytime – without feeling the pinch – here are some of the affordable facial mist brands. They are available at local pharmacies, are under RM50 (50ml and below) and totally wallet-friendly.

Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

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This French facial mist moisturises, refreshes and tones skin with the pure goodness of evian mineral water. It is enriched with essential mineral salts from pure Evian mineral water in the Alps. It instantly soothes and re-hydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin, is leak-proof and travel friendly.

Watsons Water 360 Mineral Spring Hydrating Spray

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This upgraded spray combines three sources of mineral water including Alpine glacier water, Canadian sea mud water, and French Allevard hot spring water, along with French Marine Algae and Sea Lavender. This range replenishes the skin’s moisture level, soothes, and helps prevent ageing.

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water

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This spray – for face, skin and hair – with low sodium chloride of 2.432 mg/l ensures the best moisturising effects while low mineral content is ideal for cooling and soothing sensitive and irritable skin. Its pH-balanced and hypoallergenic formulation makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

Clinelle Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water

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This spray offers Virgin Spring Water that originates from Switzerland to give instant hydration to your skin. It has exceptionally high restorative properties with sulfur compounds to soothe and repair damaged skin and selenium to shield skin from free radical damage.

Nanowhite Fresh Miracle Mist

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Enriched with vitamin C, Tea Tree Oil and Sea Algae, this face mist – that is suitable for oily skin – can be used as a toner or any time your skin feels dehydrated. It helps minimise appearance of pores, brightens skin, reduces excess sebum, soothes acne prone skin, refreshes tired skin and hydrates your skin.

Eucerin Aquaporin Mist Spray

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This mist spray transports and stores water deeply and evenly in skin cells. It increases moisture by 126% and delivers nutrients, minerals and hydration for fresh and radiant skin. Its innovative active ingredient of hyaluronic acid provides a high moisture binding capacity, while Gluco-glycerol is a nature-derived moisturising active.