Designed for people who value health and well-being, the new Suunto 3 Fitness watch delivers an innovative adaptive training plan based on your individual fitness level.

Exercising with Suunto 3 Fitness is easy. Based on your personal profile, it creates a seven-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity for each exercise to improve fitness.

“With Suunto 3 Fitness, we wanted to look even further. We designed it to be smaller and lighter than any of our previous connected sports watches,” explains Suunto design manager Timo Yliluoma.

Suunto 3 Fitness

Maintain and balance an active lifestyle with the device.

“The minimalistic stainless steel bezel gives a durable, yet beautiful face to the watch while the small-size, rounded case and soft strap make it light and comfortable to wear day and night.”

The Suunto 3 Fitness automatically counts your daily steps and calories, and easy-to-follow summaries offer a view of your overall activity, helping you balance activity and rest.

Additionally, the watch measures your stress and recovery throughout the day to help you ensure you have enough in the tank to make it through the day. Wear it at night to also track your sleep.