Pollutants in the environment not only affect our respiratory health but our skin’s wellbeing as well. Toxic substances, ozone and UV radiation break down skin’s defensive barrier, depleting moisture levels and accelerating skin ageing.

According to a study published in the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology journal, the sun’s UV rays are responsible for approximately 80% of visible facial ageing signs. These include wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.

“In Asian countries, the anti-pollution concept (in skincare) is very important because you have such big cities with millions in population, lots of industries and heavy car traffic, making air pollution a big problem,” said Dr Christian Rimpler, owner and managing director of Dr Rimpler Cosmetics.

“Kuala Lumpur is one these big cities but you have such a green environment, and trees and green areas help to remove fine dust. But for cities like Beijing, Guangzhou or even Singapore, which are less green, anti-pollution is a very important issue,” said Rimpler, who was in Kuala Lumpur recently.

To counter such environmental pollutants and premature skin ageing is Isabelle Lancray’s latest award-winning Egostyle Antipollution skincare. (Dr Rimpler Cosmetics bought over the Isabelle Lancray brand in 1997).

Isabelle Lancray

Dr Christian Rimpler.

The range consists of four new products, including the Mission De-Stress Gel Creme which won First Prize in the BSB European Innovation Award 2017 (Finished Products Category). The light gel cream contains encapsulated sun protection filters and an anti-pollution protection shield for maintaining healthy skin.

“This award is truly a big honour for us. We did not expect to win again last year,” said Rimpler.

(In 2012, Isabelle Lancray’s Marianne Eternal Cream, under the L’Age D’Or anti-ageing range, took home the Most Innovative Cosmetic Product award at The In-cosmetics 2012, the world’s largest industrial cosmetic exhibition.)

“Anti-pollution is considered to be very trendy now in the cosmetic field. We won the award due to our holistic concept, where we looked at the needs of the different layers of skin, from UV protection, strengthening the moisture barrier, to countering damage from free radicals with Resveratrol, our patented technology.

“So that was what the jury really liked, that we are not focusing on just one problem but seeing the overall problem and offering the solution in one range,” he explained.

The other three products in the range are the Mission Defense Creme 24H, Mission Fraicheur Masque and Mission Aqua Intense Eye Contour Gel.

“All four products in the Egostyle Antipollution range are suitable for skin that wants to slow down the ageing process. They are also very light in texture and suitable for hot and humid countries,” he said.

The award-winning technology in the Egostyle Antipollution range includes the innovative Smart Crystals Resveratrol and the Patented UV Caps.

The UV Caps protect the skin against sun exposure without any allergic reactions. The brand’s carrier system facilitates a high concentration of protection filters to ensure maximum efficacy on the skin.

The Smart Crystals Resveratrol are a highly concentrated form of crystalline resveratrol that defend skin against free radicals and oxidative stress. Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant found in fruits such as grapes.