independent Malaysian fashion labels

Maggie Chui. Photo: My Heavenly Atelier

Line Of Beauty

Founder of My Heavenly Atelier, Maggie Chui, really enjoys working with metal. She gets a sense of satisfaction from creating geometrically-balanced pieces of handmade jewellery.

While Chui is a trained musician, she sees jewellery making as something that offers her much more in terms of a creative outlet. It is for this reason that she decided to start her business.

“As a kid, I always knew that I love crafting and designing. Music has allowed me to use my creativity and inherent talent to some level but not to the fullest,” Chui points out.

independent Malaysian fashion labels

Designs that feature geometric shapes and clean lines. Photo: My Heavenly Atelier

She says that the concept of open space is one of her biggest inspirations. There is a lot of “hollowness” in her jewellery. She also likes to play around with geometry and lines.

“Those elements work magically when placed together. They create such intricate pieces that are airy, effortless and chic. The balance in itself enhances wearers without overpowering their appearance,” she explains.

Chui values simplicity most in life, and believes that less is always more. Her jewellery allows everyone to be imaginative in their own way, yet highlighting a modern vibe.

“The effortlessness and subtle delicate details in my designs are what speak best about my personal style. I always believe that to be presentable and beautiful one does not need to try too hard,” Chui notes.

independent Malaysian fashion labels

Lisette Scheers. Photo: Nala Designs

Full Of Soul

Lisette Scheers is of Dutch heritage, but born in Singapore and living in Malaysia. As such, her designs reflect diversity – and come in varied forms of function and appeal.

Scheers’ label, Nala Designs, offers everything from furniture and fashion accessories to homeware and stationery.

They however, share one similar trait – the use of bold colours.

independent Malaysian fashion labels

Bold and beautiful prints. Photo: Nala Designs

“Why limit yourself to just a dress? Everything should and can have the same design attention. Every item has the right to be designed well,” Scheers states, regarding her creative vision.

“They represent me as a perfectionist. I need to be surrounded by beauty – just like I don’t believe in eating bad food. I don’t believe in spending my life looking at banal and ugly items.”

Scheers gets her inspiration from Asian cultures. Her latest collection for example, takes its cue from the beautiful and intricate embroidery of Peranakan wedding gowns.

“I was in Penang… and was invited to see the Peranakan museum for the first time. The collection was huge. I had not explored embroidery in my designs yet. So that’s how it came about,” she relates.

“The patience the seamstresses must have had – or the ladies of the house that made them while drinking a cup of tea. The passion and drive to make something so exquisite is just ‘dripping’ from the gowns I saw.”