To officiate and make its mark in Malaysia, Rimmel London recently threw a party in Petaling Jaya to introduce the brand to Malaysians.

A cutting-edge makeup brand, it embodies the quintessential London girl who is authentic, real, bold, confident and expressive.

The brand’s tagline of “Live The London Look” is equal part nods to London city’s unique vibe filled with cultural richness, a sense of freedom and diversity.

It also takes inspiration that beauty is all inclusive – coming in different shades, looks, features and highlights.

“It is not very often that you get to launch a brand so distinctive from its peers in the same category. Rimmel’s edgy, streetwise, bold personality stands out by capturing an all-welcoming and inclusive point of view on beauty,” Pink Fong, marketing director of Coty Malaysia, says in a press statement.

Fong adds that the Malaysian beauty scene has been long overdue for such a refreshing and empowering point of view that encourages fans to embrace who they are and to experiment and make up their own beauty rules and looks.

“We believe the Rimmel’s POV will appeal and resonate with millennial beauty fans and generation Z’ers by empowering them to be confident in themselves, explore different looks and invent their own beauty POV,” Fong says.

The launch campaign was marked with the creation of four iconic London Looks inspired by four boroughs of London City; each borough has its own distinctive and unique makeup look.

The brand’s hero products include the new Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour that comes in 15 shades that stays on and Brow This Way range of innovative brow products. Rimmel London’s full range of products are available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores in Peninsular Malaysia.