The current fashion season is all about dressing up according to your attitude. Cool, youthful and relaxed is the call of the day, where trends straddle functionality and everyday appeal.

Here’s a look at five Spring/Summer 2018 fads.

Life’s A Beach

Hawaiian shirts are all the rage this season. Punchy colours, striking contrasts, gaudy prints – surprisingly, they all work in bringing a little feel-good, chic factor to everyday dressing.

Some people are even claiming that tropical prints are the new florals. Subtlety is key though. Never over do it, and remember to pair them with tailored pieces if you need a dressed-up look.

Spring/Summer 2018

Louis Vuitton.

Love For Sports

Performance gear and fashion have increasingly become intertwined. Boyish, utilitarian apparel have popped up on the runways of the major fashion weeks, and are now mainstays.

Celebrated designer Karl Lagerfeld once said that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat”. But what is fashion if it isn’t about breaking the rules? So, here you have it – athleisure as a trend for the season.

Spring/Summer 2018


Hello, Legs!

The men of Spring/Summer 2018 are not afraid to show some leg. Rather, lots and lots of them. Shorts are definitely getting shorter – so, make sure you don’t skip leg day at the gym.

Shorts were a trend last season too, but this time around, the designs have shrunk. Above the knee and in a diverse range of materials, they offer a racy option for guys who dare.

Spring/Summer 2018

Thom Browne.

Daddy Cool

Dad-wear was a big hit last year. The trend is continuing with relaxed, comfortable, cosy clothes. Despite the “dad” label, unfussy and youthful is the rule to follow when it comes to the trend.

Even dad denim is currently a thing. Think jeans that are loose, with a straight cut and light wash. Just the exact kind that, in the past, would be mocked for being “extremely uncool”.

Spring/Summer 2018


Back To School

Season after season, plaid just never goes away. Once the purview of college-going kids, the print has transformed into a definitive wardrobe staple for those young at heart.

The season’s take on plaid (also checks or tartans, whatever you may call it) is to fuse it with colours like red, blue and purple. Outerwear has also succumbed to the trend, whether in the form of trimmings or all-out plaid.

Spring/Summer 2018

Dior Homme.