Making brides look and feel good for their big day – that is what drives Nurita Harith. But more than that, she is also grateful to be able to wake up everyday and do something that she is passionate about.

Nurita’s entry into the bridalwear industry however, was not entirely planned. Yet, she has somehow managed to make a name as a purveyor of chic and elegant wedding dresses.

“It started out as just a casual brand, which later grew with the development of bespoke offerings, and finally, bridalwear,” says the Kuala Lumpur-born designer, regarding her foray into fashion design.

“It’s such an unexpected turn of events and I ended up loving it. It has been exciting designing new looks for the bridal collection every year. Something I look forward to, although it takes some time to be completed.”

As Nurita points out, designing bridal dresses involves intricate work. It requires a deft hand at working with luxurious materials too, but she has learnt a lot from the experience.

It has given her the freedom to be creative. The process is also a seamless one as she sees it as part of her design aesthetic – feminine with a lot of softness going on.

“I do like the challenge of ready-to-wear. But I also love the ability to develop bridalwear freely. Knowing that our brides feel good in our gowns is priceless,” she states.

As it is, Nurita’s designs consist of soft layers and drapes, which can be simply described as feminine with a touch of modernity. Her use of interesting silhouettes differentiates and defines her unique style.

Nurita Harith

Bridalwear that offer classic forms with feminine detailing.

Living Her Dream

Ever since a teenager, Nurita wanted to be a fashion designer. According to her, she was the shy kid who would be drawing in her drawing books while in the classroom.

“The day my mum and her friend bought me my first-ever fashion book back when I was 16, that was when I realised how much I wanted to do fashion. That was when I decided to pursue my dreams and ambitions, as well.”

Before pursuing her Bachelor of Fashion Design at Surrey Institute of Art in London, Nurita was a fine arts major. This has apparently helped her in developing her own individual style and sense of creation.

Upon coming back to Malaysia, she held her very first runway show during KL Fashion Week 2006. She opened a showroom in Bangsar a mere two years later.

Nurita Harith

Nurita Harith’s use of interesting silhouettes differentiates and defines her unique style.

“I have always been working. I worked even while studying to gain experience. From retail to waitressing, it has somehow taught me to appreciate every stage of my life,” she states.

When asked about the highlights of her career, Nurita says that becoming a fashion designer is a major achievement by itself.

She feels blessed for being able to do something that feeds her passion, and still have the fire to keep going.

She nevertheless, adds: “Shooting my bridal campaign in Budapest! That was an amazing experience. The work involved with my whole team – it is something I never thought I could experience.

“Doing what I do involves a lot of hands-on work and the attitude of never giving up keeps me going. Never be picky as the journey itself is a very knowledgeable and enjoyable experience altogether.”