For Spring 2018, Dockers is continuing to flex its khaki muscle. The fashion label has unveiled a new collection called the Smart 360 Flex, which is an expansion to the beloved Alpha Khaki.

The designs are said to not only ensure guys are dressed for the occasion, but also equip them with that extra spark of confidence to seize any opportunities. Dockers certainly takes khakis seriously, and the Smart 360 Flex lives up to it.

An innovative 4-way flex technology provides enhanced comfort and confidence. Not only that, it also enables Dockers to design pants with all the functionality and durability that men expect.

Unlike typical stretch fabric, which only stretches one way, the 4-way flex stretches both horizontally and vertically to deliver maximum comfort, lending flexibility and crispness that look as good at the end of the day as it did first thing in the morning.

The Downtime Khaki range for example, comes with hidden pockets and envelope welt back pockets for additional security. It also makes use of flexible waistbands to offer an additional level of comfort.

While Alpha Khaki picks up where your favourite jeans leave off, Workday Khaki takes you to the office and back. Both however, share qualities of versatility and can follow you to wherever your day takes you.

Lastly, there is the Dockers Alpha Jogger. This range is claimed to provide a level of comfort once only reserved for sweatpants. It even has cinched ankles to keep you feeling nimble and moving free all the time.