Did you ever have problems layering your eyeshadow or even trying to blend all those beautiful colours in your palette?

With 16Brand Eye Magazine you can now apply eyeshadow in a jiffy – saving you precious time!

South Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah – who has been the makeup artist to K-Pop stars and celebrities – has come up with another clever makeup product under her beauty brand Chosungah.

The 16Brand Eye Magazine created by Chosungah offers modern women, who are too busy to spend time on their makeup, a quick and easy eyeshadow application that can be done in three-seconds!

It offers a two-tone colour of Glam Coral and Cacao Brown which adds depth to your eyes and even covers puffy eyes.

16Brand Eye Magazine

The two-tone compact comes with a stamp-size applicator. Just swipe once to achieve a gradient from deep brown to a shimmery gold.

The 16Brand Eye Magazine comes with a unique beauty tool that is the secret to this cool eyeshadow. Its petite blender brush fits perfectly in your hands and lets you achieve various gradient looks, including natural, deep and smokey eye makeup depending on where you use the brush.

A round-shaped brush lets the eyeshadow powder perfectly adhere in a fan-shaped area of the eyes.

The brush offers various shading looks and the two tone shadow lets you achieve various gradient looks, including natural, deep and smokey makeup depending on the contact area of the brush and location used.

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and vividly shows its original colour, while sebum control absorbs oil and sweat around the eye area to enhance its lasting effect with spherical powder.

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