Did you know that the first signs of ageing can become apparent at the age of 21? While genetics play a role in the condition of your skin, your skincare regime and products used play a role in determining how healthy your skin ends up.

According to Watsons, quality skincare can be costly so they have just introduced their latest range of skincare at an affordable price.

Target Pro by Watsons Essential Range is a targeted skincare range – priced between RM59.90 and RM79.90 – consisting of multifunctional beauty products to satisfy specific skin conditions.

Originating from Japan, the products are scientifically and dermatologically formulated with only the safest skincare ingredients, treating particular problem areas but also strengthens the skin’s barrier.

With skin acting as the first line of defence against external aggressors, its constant exposure to elements such as UV rays, pollution and stress can weaken the skin barrier. This results in a weakened skin barrier, which leads to various skin sensitivities such as dry skin and visible redness.

In view of this, the Target Pro by Watsons Essential Range – which comprise of a hot cleansing gel, toner, daily moisturiser and night cream – has been carefully developed to combat and improve the skin barrier, resulting in long-term youthful and strong skin.

The superstars of this skincare range are its two key ingredients – Diamond Sirt and Ceramide. Diamond Sirt acts as an essential DNA protector that prevents skin cell damage and delays the process of skin cell degeneration. This means younger looking skin for a longer period of time.

Ceramide is an essential moisturising ingredient found naturally in skin but the lack of Ceramide is often the main cause for sensitive skin. This powerful ingredient replenishes and locks in moisture while simultaneously boosting the skin’s natural barrier function, protecting it from dryness and external irritation.

“With the changing weather extremes in today’s world, taking care of one’s skin becomes that much more important,” Professor Kawashima Makoto, Professor and Chairman of Dermatology of Tokyo Women’s Medical University, said in a press statement.

“The Target Pro by Watsons Essentials Range is the perfect solution for those seeking to boost the skin’s defence system and improve skin elasticity. This is all in efforts of achieving outstanding, age-defying results.”