Are you tired of your sparse eyebrows or just hate drawing your eyebrows every morning and they don’t end up looking natural?

You’ve heard of hair extensions and eyelash extensions, and now your eyebrows can have their own extensions as well!

A South Korean beauty brand has created an eyebrow product that will make your brows look fuller and more natural.

Really? Yes. The Reallyyy Eyebrow Extension – available on – is a cute little product that comes with a tiny pot filled with black fibres that look like hair. These fibres are contained in a clear gel and it comes with a brush applicator.

The gel acts as an anchor for mixing the hair fibres and for it to stay put on your eyebrow area when applied.


The Reallyyy Eyebrow Extension (left) is a pot filled with black fibres that look like hair to fill sparse eyebrows (top right) to look a lot fuller and thicker (bottom right). Photo: Reallyyy Eyebrow Extension

It looks more natural on brows that are sparse where you need to fill in areas where the brow hair is missing.

These hair like fibres are not new in the beauty industry as this texture has been seen in some mascaras which offer black fibres that resemble hair, but it’s a first as an eyebrow extension product.

So, if you’re not blessed with Lily Collins or Taylor Hill’s bushy brows you can now have instant bushy brows!


Do you envy Lily Collins or Taylor Hill’s bushy brows? You can now have instant bushy brows with the Reallyyy Eyebrow Extension product. Photo: Instagram