Aere has been steadily making a name for itself here in the country since launching in 2014. December last year, it became the only Malaysian label to showcase at Dubai’s Modest Fashion Week.

The Peace collection sees Aere returning to its roots. Described as synonymous with grace, glamour and femininity, it marries a contemporary aesthetic with modest elements.

Founder Raja Nadia Sabrina often injects a sense of personal feelings into her designs. This resonates deeply with fans of the brand, who not only come from Malaysia, but also countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

“Peace is a luxury. It is an intangible presence craved by many, yet it often eludes us. It is not easy to achieve, whether in a smaller or grander scale,” she states, regarding her inspiration for the collection.

According to Nadia, the designs also echo what she believes in. She says that they are designed for the woman who knows herself best and breathes fresh air into Aere’s signature silhouttes.

She adds that as Dubai is a city synonymous with luxury, the classic and sophisticated pieces were presented in glamorous fabrics and cuts.