Looking for a pair of earrings that are playful and fun, plus can be worn from day to night?

The Straits Finery, a Malaysian fine jewellery brand collaborated with Kuala Lumpur multi-label concept store, Snackfood to co-design a capsule collection of earrings.

Called Coming of Age, it consists of “three essential earrings that every woman needs”.

The collection is inspired by a woman’s journey of self-discovery through constant reinvention.


The three pairs of earrings come in 14k solid gold with the names Tic Tac, Tomboy and Waterfall.

“The pieces are deliberately delicate on their own, but can be intermixed on different piercings for a little element of mischief!” says Amira Yahaya, co-founder of The Straits Finery.

“This collection is a playback of our lives. Not just mine or Snackfood’s, but of everyone’s journey in life. There are pitfalls and there are ironies but what is important is that we live to tell the story,” explains Adeline Chong, owner of Snackfood.

“As long-time friends and customers of the store, we have watched Snackfood transform and grow over the years. We feel very close to their story and are thrilled to have the opportunity to tell our version of it,” said Foo Chia Chern, co-founder of The Straits Finery.

The Straits Finery

Tic Tac

Tic Tac is a pair of mismatched stud earrings, inspired by youthful rebellion while Tomboy celebrates “a period of experimentation, androgyny and adventure”.

What’s interesting is that these spiral earrings changes as each twist gives a different look every time. The final twist results looks like you have two piercings with just one piercing.

Finally, Waterfall is “a nod to the arrival of adulthood and confidence after one’s journey of self-discovery”. This set has long chain earrings where you can adjust the length and look.

The capsule collection is made in limited quantities and can be found exclusively at Snackfood in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.