When the sun shines brightly and boldly, there is an urge to go out and enjoy the warm air, whilst when clouds turn grey and the rain pours, there is a soothing air where you feel relaxed.

Melvita has captured these different scents that you feel in those moments. These scents from nature caress your body, delight your senses and bring you well-being.

Melvita’s newest fragrance in oil, the Melvita Awakening Of Rose Touch of Oil Perfume and Melvita Sunbath Of Bitter Orange Touch of Oil Perfume, are inspired by the know-how of French perfumers.

The freshness of a rose is captured in a sweet scent as the roses unfurl their petals, releasing their soft, delicate, enveloping scent – helping you feel replenished and restored.

While the energy of bitter orange are from the orange blossoms as they release their sparkling, floral notes, helping you feel re-energised and reinvigorated.

Housed in a slim roll on bottle, these perfume oils offers fleeting scents in ultra-gentle botanical dry oils. It is alcohol free and ideal for sensitive skin.

With the softest stroke, they let you apply a few drops of pure nature to your skin, neck, temples and wrists. The oil sinks in immediately, while the scent lingers for hours, thanks to the oil.