Miss Universe 2017 may be over, but we can’t not say something about the National Costume competition. Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak gown ignited quite a debate but this is a competition where costumes are supposed to be eye-catching. And if food was our focus, what did the other countries do?

We went through the list and the show-stopping costumes were inspired from literally everything under the sun – landmarks, poetry, an orchestra….

We narrowed it down to our Top 5 and here’s a look at our favourites:

 Miss Japan (winner of the National Costume competition)

Photo: AFP

We  love outfits that can transform or are two-in-one. She turned up in a short samurai style outfit and with a quick twist, it became a beautiful kimono. This was a favourite!


Miss Thailand

Miss Universe 2017

Photo: Instagram

Loved this! There was so much attention to detail. Called “Chasing the Light”, it’s based on  the origins of lightning and thunder from a story in the epic poem, Ramayana.


Miss Cambodia

Miss Universe 2017

Photo: Instagram

This was just beautiful. She looked regal, elegant and gorgeous. And we loved all the details!


Miss Myanmar

Photo: Instagram

If you’re going to do a costume, you might as well go the whole way. This is a Myanmar Traditional Orchestra, complete with drums and gongs.

Miss Peru

She had a goddess vibe. And looks like she can strike down anyone. Gorgeous!