This holiday, Shu Uemura taps on a global Japanese sensation to give you a makeup collection that is both fun and colourful.

If you’re a fan of Super Mario, you’ll be thrilled to see the pixelated Mario and a cast of characters appear on playful makeup and skincare products for Shu Uemura.

For the 2017 holiday collection, Kakuyasu Uchiide, international artistic director for Shu Uemura says they have incorporated beloved characters from Super Mario Bros.

“Behind the 80’s colourful and pop designs, there is a story about taking on challenges using various techniques to reach a final goal.

“As someone who pursues beauty, I feel that the story is similar to our beauty life. This holiday season, dress up, take our journey and score the highest beauty points on our beauty adventure,” Uchiide says in a press release.

The Shu Uemura and Super Mario Bros makeup and skincare collection are packaged in designs that incorporate the incredibly cute Super Mario and the cast of characters from Princess Peach, Bowser, the five minions and the super items that help Mario.

Shu Uemura

Get inspired by Super Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser for your makeup this holiday.

Look out for the cute Super Mario items embossed onto the blushes in the Peach’s Eye and Cheek Palette.

There is also the Dual Stamp Me Eyeliner which is a double sided eyeliner with a felt tip liquid eyeliner on one end and a kawaii star-shaped stamp on the other end.

The Blanc Chroma: Peach’s Cushion Compact Case, Fresh Cushion Blush, and the Stage Performer Block Booster come in striking pink and yellow packaging while the Sheer Shine and Supreme Matte lipsticks come in an all pink sheer casing.