If you buy and use cruelty-free beauty products, you’ll be happy to hear that Kat Von D Beauty will be coming out with a cruelty-free makeup brush.

The founder announced on her Instagram recently, “So excited about launching an entire #crueltyfree and #vegan line of makeup brushes for @katvondbeauty! I’ve teamed up with my #KvDArtistryCollective artists to create the most effective brush formations, using the highest grade synthetic fibers that mimic the same product distribution you would get from animal-based bristles.”

Kat Von D Beauty

The new Kat Von D cruelty-free make-up brush.

“We are living in amazing times right now where technology is making it so easy to make compassionate choices in the products we purchase, without having to exploit animals.”

As synthetic fibre brushes have been known to be less effective in picking up powders or foundation for optimum makeup application, it’s great that she is addressing this issue and promising to use the finest grade of synthetic fibres for her cruelty-free makeup brushes.

Check out the Kat Vond D #5 Edge Creme Contour Brush which has a tapered, sculpted shape, so you can precisely apply and efficiently blend with one brush!