Do you avoid washing your make-up brushes because it’s just too hard and time consuming? Or, do you even wash your brushes at all?

Our make-up brushes are constantly coated with a ton of skincare emollients and make-up powders and when you don’t clean them regularly, you’ll notice your brush getting grimy and sticky, and unable to pick up your make-up powders as well as it used to.

Over time dirt, sweat and bacteria accumulates on the brushes, making it pretty unhygienic. What’s the point of keeping your face clean with expensive products when your make-up brushes are delivering bacteria to your skin every day, right?

To make cleaning a breeze the clever Luxe Brush Spinner by Luxe Beauty Products cleans and dries your make-up brushes in just a couple of seconds.

Available online the Luxe Brush Spinner set comes with a brush spinner, brush spinner bowl, charging stand, brush collars, charging cable and 150ml bottle of Luxe cleaning solution.

make-up brushes

The complete Luxe Brush Spinner set.

All you have to do is fasten your selected make-up brush to the right Brush Collar, and attach it to the Brush Spinner.

The spinner swirls your brush around a glass bowl of cleaning solution, and then dries it as you lift it out of the bowl in about five seconds. How cool is that?