Looking for a one-stop online hub offering homegrown beauty brands? Check out Beauty Luxe Sdn Bhd’s mySmink.com, a website carrying over 40 products, proudly made in Malaysia. It provides customers with a range of beauty-related products, including make-up, skincare, tools, hair and body care products.

Sisters Nur Nadia SM Nasimuddin and Nur Diana SM Nasimuddin are the brains behind mySmink. The website was launched in May.

One of the most talked about brands is actress  Isma Husein’s Morena, a foundation line catering to women of colour. Specially designed for women of varying darker skin tones, the long-lasting foundation line contains SPF 35 and anti-humidity properties. Five shades are named after strong women of colour. There’s Malala (activist Malala Yousafzai), Nicol (squash queen Datuk Nicol David), Eartha (singer Eartha Kitt), Chandra (Malaysia’s gutsy ACP [Rtd] A. Chandramalar) and Michelle (Michelle Obama).

mySMINK also curates halal-certified products, that are JAKIM-approved or approved by an international regulatory body.

Morena offers foundation shades for women of colour.

There’s Orkid halal liquid matte lipsticks, in 10 shades, including nudes, earthy to dark plum. The light-weight lipstick is targeted at consumers between 21-35 years old.

Those wanting homemade skincare products can check out Anthophilous, made from natural and toxin free ingredients. Products include hydrating face cream, lip polish, face serum and facial wash.

You can also pamper yourself with Bau Bathe’s collection of shower gels. Products do not contain parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. The brand believes in supporting the local community, engaging single working mothers throughout their packaging process.

For more details, go to mysmink.com.

Correction: This article originally credited Izara Aishah as the founder of Morena. It has been edited to acknowledge Isma Husein as the actual founder. We regret the mistake, and thank reader Alina Fauzi for alerting us to the error.