The iconic image of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj raising his hand to chant “Merdeka” on Aug 31,1957, is something that is already ingrained in the minds of Malaysians.

Regardless of whether it’s a recording of the event or a black and white photo, the proclamation of independence still rings in the ears of Malaysians regardless of age, background and generation.

The image of him clad immaculately in a black traditional baju Melayu evokes the spirit of patriotism inside.

Over the years, we have commemorated this historic moment in various ways.

This year, to celebrate the occasion and to mark the 60 years of independence, Ice Watch Malaysia introduces a limited edition timepiece set to transport us back to the Merdeka era.

The limited edition Ice-Merdeka by Ice Watch features the iconic image of Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaiming independence in 1957.

Habib managing director Datuk Seri Meer Sadik Habib says the auspicious date of Aug 31, 1957, is a momentous time in the history of our country.

And just like a watch that measures time, this particular watch will bring back memories of the past.

Called the Ice-Merdeka, it features the historic moment of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s proclamation of independence. The brand worked with the National Archives to have the iconic photo on the watch face.

“What makes it unique is not just the iconic image of the Father of Independence on the watch face, the numeral 12 is changed to the numeral 60 as a symbol of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Independence this year,” says Meer.

While the number 60 normally signifies 60 minutes or seconds, in this case it has an additional meaning. He says that even if the watch is worn five years from now, the numeral 60 will continue to be a reminder of the significance of the 60th Merdeka anniversary.

“That’s why it’s suitable for a private collection, gift, souvenir or just as a commemorative piece,” he says.

The design is kept simple, as according to Meer, the best designs are more often than not, classic with an elegant simplicity.

“We wanted the watch to be a historical piece with a classic design that will withstand time.”

The limited edition Ice-Merdeka from Ice Watch to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence.

Meer, who was wearing the watch during the interview, says it’s of particular significance to him as his own piece has his birthday engraved on it – Jan 16.

“We’re only coming out with 1,957 pieces specifically for the Malaysian market, and each one will have a series number engraved on the back. And now you know my birthday!” he says in jest.

And of course the number of pieces available is in tandem with the date of Malaysia’s independence.

This is also the first time Ice Watch is introducing a limited edition piece.

He hopes that this limited edition watch will become a valuable and memorable piece for collectors.

“Imagine five years from now, if someone wants to buy it, they will find out that it was issued in 2017 during the country’s 60th independence anniversary. So the value will definitely go up!”

He also hopes that the watch will not only be a reminder of the country’s independence, but also help instill a sense of unity in the wearer.

The Ice-Merdeka limited edition watch is priced at RM699 and is available at Ice Watch outlets nationwide.