Her jewellery pieces have been spotted on international stars the likes of Gigi Hadid, Ashley Madekwe, Olivia Culpo, Romee Strijd and more.

However, did you know the founder of Wanderlust + Co calls Seremban her hometown?

Jenn Low may have started her business while she was still living and working in Melbourne, but she is definitely proud of her roots. She has even moved her base of operations to Kuala Lumpur.

“It warms my heart when I hear feedback about how our products have a very global vibe. Our geographic location merely demonstrates that Malaysian brands can compete on all levels,” states Low.

The 32-year-old first parked the domain name wanderlustandco.com in 2009. It was only in the following year that she began the groundwork to launch it – from putting a business plan together to building the e-commerce website.

“I ran the entire business from my bedroom at first. It wasn’t as glamorous as you would imagine. I had to do everything by myself at the beginning. I even built my own lightbox out of cardboard to photograph my products!”

Low is the creative vision behind the Wanderlust Co brand. She runs an all-woman team based in KL. Photo: The Star/Raymond Ooi

Low, who completed a double degree in business and arts, worked as a merchandiser before starting her business. She was working on the shop floor which allowed her to learn the ins and outs of retail.

Today, she runs an all-woman team in an office space in Bangsar. While she says it wasn’t a conscious decision, she is happy that Wanderlust + Co is helping push the notion of female empowerment.

“It was obviously hinged on the idea of how the future is female or the girl boss movement thing. And I’m really proud about how people are modernising with such ideas regarding gender.”

When it comes to the designs, Low notes that she works with an in-house designer, plus factories in China and South Korea. Her aesthetic is one that combines classic shapes with modern styles.

“With every collection, I begin with a specific group of female muses and their energy. The Autumn/Winter 2017 girl and her squad for example, are always seeking. They are fierce, spirited, gritty and fearless,” she relates.

“From there, we peg key shapes, such as crescents, constellations, wishing stars and begin sketching motifs to anchor the collection. At the same time, we take into account feedback from our customers.”

As it is, Wanderlust + Co catapulted to fame after catching the eyes of “it girls” in the United States. It was from there that it gained the attention of various international press and became the talk of celebrities.

“I think that today we are so lucky to have social media channels because you can speak to your customers so easily. You can connect with them immediately with visuals and messaging,” Low points out.

“When I started out, it was before Instagram. Things were a lot harder. But then again, everyone is on a level playing field now. Everyone has the same channels to communicate their vision. So you must really stand out.”

Designs that spread the message of positivity, while celebrating sisterhood.

Wanderlust + Co has recently added a new range of apparels and lifestyle merchandise to their collection. These include T-shirts, swimsuits and pyjama sets along with floats, straws, sippy cups, phone cases, LED lights and cup holders.

Fun lifestyle merchandise from Wanderlust Co.

The new products are said to complete the fashion and lifestyle brand in terms of what it can offer to customers, apart from just the jewellery that are so well loved and celebrated.

When asked how the brand has grown up with the audience, Low explains: “We are constantly searching and seeking – as fashion is ever changing, for a style or a vibe, or pieces that fit in with us at a point in time.”

“I love accessories. The decision to kick-start Wanderlust + Co was one where I wanted to encapsulate a positive energy into an accessory brand. And it’s not just about jewellery, but also about a lifestyle,” she adds in conclusion.