Co-ordinated by SANDRA LOW

When you need a quick fix for minor skin issues, frizzy hair or chapped lips, there are specific beauty products that can help. Beauty brands sent in their best quick fixes, that they claim will help you solve a variety of issues – from tackling multiple skin problems, refreshing your makeup to straightening frizzy hair.

Check out what worked and what didn’t.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant The Original, RM127

This is a skin protectant cream that claims to do lots of things including soothe sun burns, rehydrate chapped lips, heal rough skin, keep eyebrows in place and smooth cuticles.

It is a little orange in colour and does have a subtle fragrance which, although not offensive, might not endear itself to anyone.

It also may feel a little greasy when applying but miraculously absorbs into the skin soon after. I used it during a long haul flight and it did a great job of keeping my lips moisturised, preventing them from drying up every hour or so which they almost always do.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant The Original

It was also great for treating problem spots and in cold weather, it worked efficiently at moisturising dry cuticles.

At first I thought maybe this was just an overpriced balm, but I’ve grown very accustomed to it in a very short time and think it’s going to become a staple in my vanity kit.

I would recommend it as an effective quick fix for problem areas. – Ann Marie Chandy

J’adore Hair Mist, RM180

If you’re like me, fed up of smelling like the mamak after some roti canai with your friends, then this hair fragrance is right for you.

It feels light on the hair and doesn’t get sticky when mixed with sweat, making it a good partner-in-crime for post gym workouts.

The scent is long-lasting and strong enough to enjoy but not cloying. And it’s a real classic aroma, too.

The scent brings me back to the times I played with my mum’s perfume as a kid, pretending to be all grown-up. It’s the smell of someone who’s got their life together. – Aisya Yusri

J’adore Hair Mist

Mamonde Pore Clean Blackhead Stick, RM39

This pore-cleansing roll-on is apparently able to remove blackheads (or whiteheads) with ease.

Just apply to problem areas after a wash while the skin is still wet, then rinse.

I personally didn’t notice much of a difference after using it though.

I rubbed the stick on my nose (which is where I get the most clogged pores) and it didn’t seem to help much.

But I’ll have to admit, my nose did feel slightly smoother when touched. There was also redness, but that went away in an hour or two. – Bervin Cheong

Mamonde Pore Clean Blackhead Stick

YSL Touche Eclat, RM170

This award winning product has been around for over 25 years and is considered a cult product.

And I can certainly see why this is said to be a must-have among top makeup artists!

It’s a multi-purpose highlighting and concealer pen that illuminates and highlights your face, covers blemishes, erases signs of fatigue, lines… and the list goes on.

So how do you use it? It’s like a pen but with a soft brush.

First you have to click it like 20 times (well, that’s what it felt like!), then use it over areas you want to highlight or conceal. Dark shadows under the eyes? Swipe it and tap gently.

Instant wide-awake effect. Same thing for blemishes and lines.

YSL Beauty Touche Eclat

To highlight, choose specific areas – down your nose, brow bones, top of cheeks etc.

And watch how many times you click, as you may get too much. It also works as a touch up for any makeup mistakes or a little pick-me-up during the day.

It’s the perfect makeup tool to carry with you.

I made my team watch me test it and give a verdict.

We love it! – Dzireena Mahadzir

Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener, RM133

If you’re looking for a product that helps hair to behave, this could be for you.

The lightweight product smells refreshing (think botanical ingredients) and works well to control frizz.

All you need to do is apply a small amount (between a 20 sen and 50 sen coin, depending on the length and thickness of hair) on damp hair and leave to dry.

It leaves a nice shine minus a greasy feel. For better results, blow dry hair or use a crimper to straighten your crowning glory.

Be advised, though, that using more than the recommended amount could result in hair being a tad too limp and greasy.

Yes, I’ve been there and done that. – Sheela Chandran

Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener

Shu Uemura Skin Perfector Makeup Refresher Mist, RM95

Now I finally know what cherry blossom or sakura smells like. Infused with sakura leaf essence, the brand says this makeup refresher mist instantly perfects skin condition for better makeup enhancements. It also helps retouch makeup and provides refreshing hydration.

The scent is faintly sweet, very uplifting and addictive, so much so that I was spraying more than necessary throughout the day!

The mist feels totally refreshing, so it’s great when you’re tired or out in the sun. Love the gentle micro-mist that doesn’t leave huge drops on your skin unlike some mist products.

This bi-phase formulated mist made my skin feel hydrated and soft.

While it’s handy to carry around, at RM95 it’s a rather steep price point for 50ml. – Sandra Low

Shu Uemura Skin Perfector Makeup Refresher Mist