In celebrating the multi-faceted beauty of women from around the globe, Vogue Eyewear has launched a Spring/Summer collection that pops with soul and personality.

The designs are said to focus on individual style from an all-new point of view. They also encourage a person to wear their personality with pride and look the world in the eye with confidence.

Choose from a range of materials, colours and decor executions. These work together in transforming eyewear into a fundamental fashion accessory for cosmopolitan ladies.

A campaign that champions a more personal definition of beauty.

It starts with trendy, exposed structures and metal minimalism, which then moves on, incorporating the use of various luminous crystals that denote a more contemporary aesthetic.

The brand is also unveiling a new communication campaign for the “young and curious”.

Named #ShowYourVogue, it champions a more personal definition of beauty and the unique traits that make women interesting.