We’ve heard about highlighting in make-up. Now, colour is the new make-up for hair.

Known as the Matrix Rock and Strobe, this new trend allows you to change your hair colour more often, but more importantly, the technique serves to enhance specific features of your face with the right cut and colour placements.

“Everyone knows about contouring in make-up. Strobing comes from make-up as well but where contouring is about darkening, strobing is bringing light and luminescence to the face, and we’re doing that to hair,” explains Stevie English, Matrix Professional Haircare and Colour Global colourist.

English and Kobi Boleshish were in Malaysia to judge the Matrix Rock and Strobe Awards held last month.

“Rock and Strobe is about enhancing a specific feature that women want to highlight. For example, with the cheek strobe, we use colour to draw attention to the cheeks and the same goes for the eyes or jaw. So we have the placement of the colour to really feature the face and we use it as a make-up, but without make-up,” says Kobi Boleshish, cutting guru with Matrix Australia Design Team.

They believe that haircut and colour go hand in hand; you can’t have a beautiful hair colour without an amazing haircut and vice versa. “Hair colour being the new make-up is where basically people can change their hair colour quicker.

“With strobing, we are talking about light, and it comes from the make-up trend,” says English.

For Malaysia, Matrix is launching three strobe looks – Eye Strobe, Jaw Strobe and Cheekbone Strobe – which are the most commonly used looks around the world.

“What we are trying to do as a brand is show that you can wear your hair in four or five different ways with the right products, haircut and colour,” says Boleshish.

“We can tailor a hair colour for you for a day look,

The Eye Strobe look under the Matrix Rock and Strobe Collection Photo: Matrix

but can also change it for a night look,” says English.

The Matrix Rock and Strobe techniques are available at all Matrix salons nationwide.