Need new sunglasses for the season?

Check out these designs by Italia Independent and Adidas. Aside from being stylishly bold, they are lightweight and comfortable as well.

Inspired by the creativity and expressive street style of Adidas Originals, the sunglasses are designed in lightweight polymer with rubber accents, a nod to the brand’s proud sneaker heritage.

This new collection also goes further to balance innovation and tradition. Each design is created with state-of-the-art production methods: bi-injection and high-resolution digital printing.

Bi-injection involves using two different moulds to assemble different materials, TR90 (a high-performance polymer) and rubber, allowing for the combination of different colours.

On the other hand, the rubber used for the internal part of the frame recalls the concept of the sneakers. It guarantees unprecedented comfort while wearing the glasses.

Colourful details

As it is, digital printing allows for high-resolution details, bright colours, unique shapes and textures. These details take inspiration from the Adidas Originals apparel and footwear collections.

The temples are completely flexible and have a unique, minimalist design, durable hinges fully integrate into the frame – which makes them completely invisible.

The sunglass lenses offer the highest level of protection from UV rays: they are available in a wide range of styles and are always coordinated with the colours of the frames.