Fusing 21st-century technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship, the Casio MRG-G1000HG – the G-Shock MR-G – is a showcase of sophisticated design. It strikes a balance between being rugged and highly refined.

Embodying the beauty of Japan, the watch employs gold and indigo elements – both widely used in traditional Japanese artwork and architecture. It is also beautifully finished using cutting-edge technologies.

The gold ion plating on the bezel, case, band and back cover for example, is only applied after deep-layer hardening. A blue diamond-like carbon finish renders the indigo accents.

Casio has chosen tsuiki to realise the MR-G concepts of toughness and elegance. This traditional Japanese metalworking technique involves having a sheet of metal hammered out thinly and forged into a three-dimensional shape.

Historically it was used to make copperware and other metal containers, as well as armour and helmets. These days, the technique is applied to craft components for rail cars and aircraft.

Casio engaged third-generation master artisan Bihou Asano to hand-finish the bezel and centre row of the watch’s bracelet. Asano was born in 1943 into an old Kyoto family of tsuiki metal hammering masters.


Bihou Asano imbued the MRG-G1000HG with a sense of history and opulent appearance. Photo: Casio

In addition to pursuing creative activities under the name Heian Bihou III, the man also engages in the repair and reproduction of Japan’s National Treasure metal artworks.

The MRG-G1000HG comes with an advanced timekeeping system that receives both GPS satellite signals and radio wave time-calibration signals. It displays the time in two cities simultaneously as well.

It marks the 20th anniversary (celebrated just last year) of G-Shock’s flagship MR-G series, a premium line of watches that exemplifies durability and toughness in watch design.

Production of the watch is limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Only one piece is available in Malaysia at G-Factory Premium by When + Where, Komtar Johor Baru City Centre.