Ever since its 1914 debut, Cartier’s iconic feline has been sought after by royalty, models and trendsetters. The animal is said to embody femininity, yet it has the spirit of a conqueror and wiles of a seductress.


One-of-a-kind high-jewellery pieces that come with a detachable brooch or pendant.

According to the brand, generations of elegant women identify with the panther. Today, it appears as a streamlined symbol with highly graphic grid patterns – and takes centre stage on a range of precious bags.

As observed, the Panthere De Cartier collection blends subtle extravagance with chic elegance. The designs serve to define the contours of the silhouette and entice the eye with an unmistakable allure.

Just consider the new monochrome clutch. The black colour was chosen by Cartier to accentuate the radical centrepiece of a faceted panther head. Sleek and muted – yet visually stunning, it draws all eyes.

The Panthere De Cartier gold lacework evening bag is another must-have. Inspired by an owl bag from the Cartier Collection (which dates all the way back to 1906), this sophisticated design is entirely clad in gilt lattice.

Produced by hand, it apparently requires numerous artistic crafts – from jewellery and gem-setting, to goldsmithing and leather crafting. The bag sports a panther’s head paved with diamonds, together with emerald eyes and an onyx muzzle.

Cartier has also released a range of high-jewellery bags for the season. With slashed velvet, gold dust illuminations, lacquering and guilloche, these exclusive creations reach a peak in the art of leather goods and jewellery-making.


The panther is brought to life in Cartier’s bags.