Delaying the effects of ageing is its core aim but beyond that, it believes in embracing a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Italian brand Comfort Zone was established in 1996 by founder and chairman Dr Davide Bollati, who first started studying anti-ageing in 1989.

The pharmacist and cosmetic chemist’s mission for the family-owned company is to promote a “holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle with advanced science-based conscious solutions”. (Which explains why its scientific committee consists of Dr Bollati as well as a nutridermatologist, cardiologist, neuroscientist and skincare expert.)

Today, the award-winning professional spa and skincare brand carries a complete range of products for the face and body.

“Comfort Zone is more than a brand of cosmetics. What I want people to (practise) is an ethical, sustainable lifestyle, and cosmetics is a good way to help them find time for themselves and find their inner beauty. That, for me, is the concept of the brand,” explains Antonella Latilla, the brand’s international spa treatment development and education master who was in Kuala Lumpur recently to officially launch the brand in Malaysia.

Comfort Zone is available at selected beauty salons locally.

Comfort Zone

Antonella Latilla, Italian spa and skincare brand Comfort Zone’s international spa treatment development and education master. Photo: The Star/Wong Li Za

“Our philosophy of life is have a complete approach. It’s not just about applying a cream but the pleasure from applying it as well. I put cream on myself because I want to live better, stay well and also spread beauty around the world,” Latilla asserts.

All the products are developed and produced in Parma, Italy, in a facility that uses 100% renewable energy. The products are created without parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, sulphates, animal derivatives or MIT (Methylisothiazolinone).

“We try, as far as possible, to use natural and organic ingredients,” reveals Latilla, adding that not all their products are organic.

Recently, the company introduced a new range called Sublime Skin, an integrated programme of homecare, professional treatments and lifestyle recommendations developed to reduce the structural degeneration of skin that leads to volume loss, sagging, deep wrinkles and lack of luminosity.

Containing up to 96% natural-origin ingredients, the range aims to restore the three skin pillars – water, proteins and lipids – to promote deep skin rejuvenation and lifting via its proprietary Archi-Lift Technology, a combination of active ingredients that work in synergy.

Sublime Skin’s active ingredient targets microRNAs, which hamper protein synthesis and expression of collagen and elastin. By addressing microRNA, the products hope to stimulate the production of new proteins and boost skin’s firmness and elasticity.

With a floral scent made up of peony, magnolia and violet leaf balanced with a base of musk, vetiver and sandalwood, the line-up consists of a serum, a cream and a rich cream, eye cream, a skin peel pad and eye patch.

The Sublime Skin serum is a creamy, anti-ageing serum designed to deliver a lifting replumping effect. it is said to soften wrinkles and give an even, overall luminosity to skin.

The Sublime Skin cream and rich cream, formulated with nourishing butters and oils, lift and replump skin towards a tighter and more defined appearance.

Delivering firming and filler effect for the eye contour, the perfume-free Sublime Skin eye cream targets wrinkles, puffiness and crow’s feet.

Meanwhile, containing alpha and poly-hydroxy acids combined with Vitamin C and Vitamin PP is the Sublime Skin peel pad. It aims to deliver skin renewal effects via exfoliating and resurfacing actions to promote luminosity.

The Sublime Skin eye patch is a refreshing and corrective hydrogel mask formulated with peptides. The product is believed to give immediate relief to the eye area and visibly correct signs of fatigue and puffiness.