Wouldn’t you like to look like South Korean star Kim Tae Hee or Hollywood screen siren Jennifer Garner? Their beautiful dewy complexions are so desirable that no matter how impervious you might be to a person’s aesthetic appeal, it’s hard not to sigh along with everyone else and think “I wish my skin looked that good too.”

Clearly, Shu Uemura realised the potential in the envy market and capitalised on it with the launch of their brand new facial oil, Skin Perfector. Yes, even its name sounds like an action hero!

And the product certainly lives up to its moniker, taking its mission to provide clear, translucent skin very, very seriously. But then, it’s hard to expect anything less from a brand that introduced a now world-famous cleansing oil all the way back in 1967.

With the Skin Perfector, Shu Uemura combines decades’ worth of knowledge about oil and transforms that into one winning dual-action product. In its first incarnation, the Skin Perfector is part of a skincare regime. Then when the need arises, it transforms into a makeup enhancer!

Boosted by a carefully curated collection of oils that include eight essential oils and two botanical oils, the final 10 oils represent the perfect alchemy of oils and were handpicked from over 200 varietals.

The oils in the product include sage, mint, rosehip and cypress all chosen for their abilities to combat sebum and inject the skin with anti-oxidants and hydration. The product is also enhanced with fresh essentials like mandarins, lemons, peppermint, sage and lavender.

Another of the oil’s secret weapons? It has amazing light-diffusing properties that create shiny, glowing skin that almost looks like light is bouncing off it.

When applied as part of a skincare regime, the oil penetrates the skin, enrobing it in a silky smooth veil that ensures skin is soft as cream and radiant as a blushing bride’s. In the night, the Skin Perfector protects the skin like an oil mask, infusing moisture while you sleep blissfully.

In the long run, skin becomes smoother, and is plump and soft to the touch. More than that, the facial oil also primes the face for makeup applications so putting it on just before applying foundation will result in a smoother spread and a more natural makeup finish.

Aesthetically, the Skin Perfector represents the first Shu Uemura product with an auto-loading pipette designed to draw out the exact number of millimetres per drop. Ideal usage is about eight to 10 drops a day throughout the day to maximise both its skincare and makeup usage.

According to Kakuyasu Uchiide, Shu Uemura’s International Artistic director, oil is one of the most important tools in his makeup arsenal, and should be an integral part of every woman’s skincare regime too.

“Oil is my best-kept backstage secret to instantly create moist-soft smooth skin. It’s the secret to benefiting the perfect skin condition for makeup,” he said.