French brand Longchamp dedicated its Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign to the designer’s shoes and ready-to-wear collections rather than showcasing the brand’s leather creations.

The campaign was shot with an original dose of humour and quirkiness. The light-hearted campaign was produced by the Please More Shooooes duo Mathilde Toulot and Olivia da Costa.

In contrast to Longchamp’s other recent campaigns starring Alexa Chung (since Spring/Summer 2014), the fall campaign features no faces or recognisable individuals but a multitude of slender legs.

The campaign includes several scenes in which the viewer can see bodies and legs moving from place to place, be it in the office, the elevator, the gym or a cafe. It is perfectly staged to highlight moccasins, ankle-boots and ballerina pumps, three signature pieces of Longchamp’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.

Despite a strong focus on the shoes, the ready-to-wear collection is also portrayed in the Longchamp campaign. Teddy jackets, leather pieces, hooded jackets, slim pants, trapeze skirts and fall coats in the season’s colours navy blue, black, burgundy, gold and orange are all items exhibited in fun, everyday situations. – AFP Relaxnews