Steven Dux Wiki: Age, Height, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Steven Dux?

Steven Dux, born on October 18, 1994, is a famous businessman and penny stock trader.

He rose to fame after converting his savings of $21,000 to $1.3 billion by starting his stock trading business at the age of 22.

Steven is a multi-certified investment analyst with great trade records and cryptocurrency knowledge.

As of 2024, he is working as a Chief Executive at Dux Trading LLC.

Similarly, Steven is quite famous on social media platforms too. On Instagram, he has over 89.5K people following him on his official account.

As for his YouTube channel, he currently has over 273K subscribers and a total of over 11.85 million views on his videos.

Today, we are going to talk about Steven Dux’s age, height, career, relationship, net worth, and even more.

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Quick Biography

Real Name Xiuxian Diu
Nick Name Steven Dux
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 18, 1994
Birth Place Chongqing, China
Age 26 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Nationality Chinese
Ethnicity Asian
Religion N/A
Profession Business Executive
Height (approx.) 6 ft or 183 cm
Weight (approx.) 62 kg or 137 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sibling N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Net Worth $1 million to $5 million
Profiles @stevenduxinstagram@stevenduxyoutube

Steven Dux Early Life

Where was Steven Dux born? Steven Dux was born in Chongqing, China.

At the age of 14 years old, he moved to the USA to pursue his career.

Regarding his education, he studied at The University of Cincinnati his major was environmental engineering.

However, it is known that he doubled majored in environmental science and accounting at college.

Now, let’s get into knowing Steven Dux’s career and achievements so far.

Steven with his brand new car

Steven Dux Career

What is Steven Dux for? Steven Dux is listed as one of the most popular and richest Business Executives.


During his time at college, he struggled a lot for his college tuition fees which was the ultimate reason for him to get into the stock market to earn money.

As he was an international student in the US, he had limited options for the works he could do while studying in college.

One of his friends suggested the trading business, then he opened a trading account with TD Ameritrade with that friend.

After opening the trading account, he got curious and started doing all the research.

He went to every book store and studied as much as he could afford.

Also, he booked classes with few online gurus which made him realize that most of them are fake and don’t think of their students.

Starting of trading and foundation of the website

After his dad knew about his trading and all, he cut off his expenses and stopped paying his tuition fees too.

This fueled Steven’s motivation to save more and more and invest on his own.

At first, he invested his first $500 and got a profit of $300 within two months.

Over the next nine months, he turned his $60,000 to $900,000 then, it grew to $1.3 million.

Within few years, he was able to turn it to $7.5 million. However, he still felt that hollowness in his chest and didn’t like who he was at that time.

Due to that stress and his continuous studying, he suffered from a stomach ulcer at a young age.

To give himself space from everything he went on a vacation and then finally decided to start a business of his own.

After that vacation, Steven developed an urge to be a teacher after working many years as a trader.

He wanted to teach all the millennials what he got to learn during his time of trading.

Thus, he created a platform for people to learn everything about trading from him.

Steven owns a website named Steven Dux Platform, where he provides strategies and plans about trading for people.

All of his strategies and concept are based on Psychology and Statistics.

In an interview with TechBullion, he stated that trading is just like playing sports as it takes years of practice to get good.

Social Media

Regarding social media, he is quite popular on all social media platforms. On August 8, 2017, he started his own YouTube channel.

On his YouTube channel, he provides advice and planning strategies about trading to his viewers.

His most viewed video is How I’ve Turned $27,000 to $3000,000 before the age of 24 which currently has over 955K views.

Currently, he has over 238K subscribers and a total of over 11.85 million views on his videos.

As for his Instagram, he often posts photos and videos with his luxurious cars and houses.

Over 89.5K people follow him on his official Instagram account.

Steven making a video for his YouTube channel

Personal Information

What is the height of Steven Dux? Steven Dux stands at a height of 6 feet or 183 cm and weighs about 62 kg or 137 pounds.

His Zodiac sign is Libra. He has black colored eyes and black colored hair.

Regarding his nationality, he is Chinese and Asian by his ethnicity.

There is information about the religion Steven follows.

Talking about his hobbies, Steven loves to travel around the world with his family and friends.

Steven with his friends on a vacation


Who is Steven Dux dating? Steven is currently single and not dating anyone.

He has talked about his past relationships and all the breakup stories during his college time.

However, he has not revealed the names of his past girlfriends.

Also, there are no records about Steven’s current relationship and anything about engagement, marriage, or baby plans yet.

Steven Dux Family

Who are Steven Dux’s parents? Steven has talked about coming from a complex family and growing up with them.

He moved to the US leaving his mother, brother, and his father behind in China at a very young age.

However, he has not revealed anything about them such as their names and profession.

On his website, he does have said his father used to work in real estate when he was a kid.s

According to Steven, his dad was quite strict but not a good husband who had an affair despite having a wife and children.

Steven admires his mom and her hardships and credits her for his success.

As for his brother, we currently have no information about his name, career path, and residence.

Steven with his mom having lunch

Steven Dux Net Worth

What is the net worth of Steven Dux? Using his knowledge in the trading market, Steven has earned millions for himself.

He has earned lots of fortune such as expensive cars, houses, and more so far.

Steven earns the majority of his income from his website, YouTube, social media ads, and brand deals.

As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be $1 million to $5 million approximately.

Now, let’s know some of the unknown facts about Steven Dux.


  • Steven Dux was born in Chongqing, China.
  • His real name is Xiuxian Diu.
  • At the age of 14, he left his home and moved to the US for his studies.
  • Steven made his savings of $21,000 to $1.3 billion by starting his stock trading business at the age of 22.
  • He has over 238K subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Check out the recent video from Steven Dux’s YouTube channel down below:

Image Credit: @stevendux Instagram

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