Graphic designer Razziah Abdul Rashid, 32, is a cosplay (costume play) fan, through and through.

Her dream wedding came true when she and her husband, Mohd Izwan Shaari, 30, also a graphic designer, tied the knot recently (Sept 23) dressed in cosplay costumes instead of traditional Malay costumes. Four of their friends attended the wedding reception dressed up as The Flash, Superman and Power Rangers.

The couple, who work in the same department in Star Media Group, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, tied the knot at a community hall in Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur. The bride is from Batu Muda, near Batu Caves, while the groom is from Setapak.

The couple had known each other for nine years before the nuptials.

Razziah said: “We retained some traditional aspects of a Malay wedding such as bersanding and merenjis tepung tawar (blessing ceremony).”

The arrival of the wedding couple was heralded by the beating of kompang (traditional Malay hand drum).

Both their families were open- minded about this “out-of-the-box” cosplay-themed wedding. Razziah’s husband was supportive as well.

“I loved this unique idea, it’s very different than most of the weddings I have attended before. I’m glad that all the attendees were happy to have a selfie with their favourite characters,” said Izwan.

The wedding’s theme colours were silver and pink.

Razziah designed her white-and-pink gown as she loves to dress up in costumes.


Razziah in her kimono-inspired wedding gown, which she designed.

“The top of the wedding gown is styled after a kimono (traditional Japanese garment), complete with an obi (sash for traditional Japanese dress), while the bottom half has a Western influence. I designed the gown, and the wedding planner got a tailor to sew it within a month.

“My husband wore a silver suit,” she said.


The happy couple getting a rosewater blessing from Razziah’s grandfather, Haji Isa.

Razziah has been a cosplay enthusiast since 2010. She and her younger sister – and bridesmaid – Khairunnisa, 27, love all things Japanese, from anime to Japanese songs to cosplay.

It was Khairunnisa who introduced Razziah to her husband-to-be and later they communicated via MySpace (social media before Friendster and Facebook) to get to know each other better. After getting to know Razziah, Izwan too became interested in cosplay, and decided to join her cosplay group named Team Blood.

During their free time, Razziah and the members of her group engage in cosplay where they dress up as their favourite characters from Japanese animation.

From 2010, they have attended the annual Comic Fiesta, Malaysia’s leading animation, comics and games convention, held in KLCC every December.

The group members, she said, also meet up to design costumes, sew them and then wear them for cosplay. They also get into the act of being their favourite anime characters, and take photographs for keepsakes.


Razziah – who loves all things Japanese – and Mohd Izwan dressed up in traditional Japanese costumes at this year’s Bon Odori Festival. Photo: Razziah Abdul Rashid