Anzalna Nasir is at a good place in life right now.

On the personal front, the 29-year-old actress tied the knot with long-time friend and businessman Hanif Zaki last year, and judging from the perpetual grin she wore during our interview, she has been revelling in wedded bliss.

“Since I just got married, I wanted to focus on taking care of my husband,” the Penang native shares on why she took a year off from acting after her wedding. “I also spent time decorating and getting our new house ready.”

Anzalna, who looked radiant in an all-white ensemble and her hair pulled back in a ponytail, will be returning to the small screen next month in the romantic series, Arluna, which also stars Saharul Ridzwan. She is now filming Tuscan Passion, an adaptation of an Italian drama, which, get this, spans 100 episodes!

Anzalna Nasir

Anzalna is now filming Tuscan Passion, an adaptation of an Italian drama, which spans 100 episodes! Photo: The Star/Raymond Ooi

“After taking such a long break, I feel a little lazy,” she says with a chuckle, before adding she misses acting.

This isn’t her first long-running drama, having starred in the 137-episode Memori Cinta Suraya back in 2015. Memori took more than a year to film and became one of Anzalna’s best known work after getting her start in showbiz through teen beauty pageant Dewi Remaja in 2010.

With the demands that come with filming a soap opera, how does the actress strike a balance between home and work life?

“That’s why I chose to take on a character that’s not too heavy. So, I have breaks where I get to spend time with my husband. My schedule isn’t too packed.”

Anzalna adds that her husband is supportive of her acting career: “It’s just that sometimes, when he sees me leave for work early in the morning and only return home the next morning, he will remind me to take a rest.”

Asked if she’s thinking of having kids anytime soon, Anzalna replies: “Looking at how my sister (who welcomed twin girls last January) manages motherhood, I wonder if I can handle it. It seems tiring but it’s also nice to be able to watch them grow.”

She says there’s no pressure to be a mum: “When people ask me if I’m sad because I don’t have any kids yet, I say how can I be sad when we have so many running around in our family?”

1. How is Tuscan Passion different from your other projects?

Being an actress, you can’t stick to just one type of role, it gets boring. And since I have always played one of the good girls, this time round, I’ll be playing the antagonist. I’ve never played a villain since 2012 actually.

My character is a bit of a spoilt brat. She’s the daughter of a rich man. (Co-star) Nabila Huda’s character and my character are best friends but I try to steal her boyfriend away.

2. Why do you love filming these long-running series? Don’t you get tired of playing the same role for so long?

Actually, no. In Memori Cinta Suraya for example, my character goes through a series of changes. So she’s not the same person she was in the beginning. In the same way, with this new drama, my character will have her fair share of changes.

3. You went on hiatus for over a year. Are you afraid your popularity might take a dip?

I’m not really concerned about chasing after popularity. If people like me, they like me. If they don’t, I can’t force them. Also, there are too many newcomers in the industry today, so I just focus on giving my best.

I’m also not worried about things like not getting job offers. I believe when you give, you will get back. So, when I’m not shooting, I help people by doing charity work. And when I give, the next day I get an offer. That has always happened to me.

4. What did you learn about your husband that you didn’t know before you got married?

He cannot have his meals late, otherwise, he will transform into a monster (laughs). Dinner has to be on time. So I make sure I feed him before I go out. Sometimes, I will cook, if not, we will eat out.

5. Can you share with us your beauty and fitness routine?

I’m not really one who maintains a lot of beauty regimes. But being a celebrity, I have to put on makeup every day, so I have to make sure my face is washed clean to prevent breakouts. I also drink lots of water.

When it comes to fitness, I’m a lazy girl. I don’t exercise at all. For me, exercise is when I walk about, going through my day.

Arluna premieres on May 8 on Astro Prima (Ch 105) at 6pm.