Our salute to International Women’s Day 2017 continues with another video in our month-long WOW-Women Do Wonders campaign.

In this compilation put together by Star2 journalists Bervin Cheong, Chester Chin, Evelyn Lee, Julie Teoh, Lee Kah Leng and Tan Shiow Chin, we ask everyday Malaysians to reveal whom the most inspiring, influential and important women are in their lives.

Among the women featured in this recording is paragliding athlete Nadiah Wafa, who credits her mother for trusting her enough to let her spread her wings and soar into the world of extreme sports. Read more about Nadiah here: How to see the world as a solo female traveller and here: ‘I’m just a crazy girl that likes extreme sports’.

Colorectal cancer survivor Dr Choo Mei Sze, 30, and thyroid cancer patient Lavania Nagarajan, 23, also thank their mothers for supporting them through their health ordeal. Choo and Lavania are now part of a support group for young adults with cancer. Read their stories here: We are young and we have cancer.

Meanwhile, Airbnb host Bee Hooi Sain says her mum was there for all her decisions, good ones and bad. You can read about Bee’s experience as an Airbnb host in Malaysia over here: Being an Airbnb host is fun.

And in case you missed it, here’s that video of Hong Kong singer and actress Maria Cordero sharing her life story at the WOW-Women Do Wonders Talks & Bazaar. In a candid, witty and rousing speech, the 63-year-old star revealed the very real struggles she faced to take care of two families.